Imagine for a moment… possessing the power to change someone’s life. To uplift their self-esteem and be the reason they smile each time they pass a mirror.

At Dermatech – we give you the power to do just that. Transform your passion for beauty and style into a career. We have been providing enthusiastic students with the highest quality of hair, health and skincare training for the past 11 years.

We offer a full-time syllabus that focuses on growing you into a fully qualified therapist, specialising in only the latest, cutting-edge techniques in the world of beauty. We will equip you to become a leader in your chosen field, with an internationally accredited qualification. We want to inspire the future trendsetters and send them forth into the world as dyehard pioneers of all things beautiful.


A holistic science

Beauty Therapy encompasses the client’s overall health and wellness. It doesn’t just focus on the aesthetics of looking good, it takes beauty within. It is a scientific approach to achieving only the best results. Recognised as having expert-level status in the beauty industry, the study of beauty therapy will elevate your capabilities and allow you to become a “full body expert” in your profession.




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