ITEC Beauty Specialist Entry Level Programme


VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialists

Entry Level Programme

The purpose of the international VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialists offered at Dermatech is to provide learners without a Grade 12 Certificate an opportunity to acquire the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to provide beauty specialist treatments to the general public and gain employment in the beauty therapy industry. This Programme also allows for progression through the RPL process into the 1st Year of the 2 Year Higher Education Programme offered by Dermatech.

Why choose this field

There has been a massive shift in the popularity of Holistic Health which has sparked interest in the body, mind and spirit aspect with Health and Skincare therapy featuring high on the list of recommended activities.

This ITEC qualification is based on the national occupational standards in the United Kingdom and allows a successful learner to follow a career in such occupations as a Junior Beauty Specialist in a variety of different sectors, which might include:
• Commercial salons
• Independent/self-employed/mobile/home-based settings
• Cruise liners
• Health Clubs

Type of Programme

Full Time

VCTC ITEC Qualification

Level 2



The purpose of the ITEC Level 2 Diploma offered at Dermatech is to provide learners an opportunity to gain experience and a qualification after one year with the prospect of entering the Beauty Industry with the required knowledge, practical and marketable skills as a Junior Beauty Specialist.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students must be 16 Years old and over


The programme duration is 9 months and tuition is face to face.
Classes are held during the week on a full-time basis.



Practical & Theory Training

Skincare and eye treatments
Manicures and Pedicures
Professional conduct and business awareness

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