Advanced Certificate in Health and Skincare

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(Second Year) - PRACTICAL

Somatechniques 2: Theory:
Epilation theory Anatomy & Physiology 2 Research Methodology
Facial Electricals Science 2 Somatechniques
Body Electricals Hygiene 2 Business & Sales 1
Hot Stone Massage Nutrition 2 First Aid
Shiatsu Dermatology 2 - Cosmetic Science | Plastic Surgery
Aromatherapy 1
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Why choose this field

The purpose of the Advanced Certificate in Health and Skincare offered at Dermatech is to provide learners an opportunity to gain the required knowledge to enter the Health and Skincare industry. Over two years, they will be equipped with specialised knowledge, as well as practical and marketable skills to become Senior and/or Head Therapists. The Higher Certificate constitutes the first year of study with the Advanced Certificate concluding the second year. Combined, these Certificates produce a Level 6 accredited qualification.

The Dermatech Advanced Certificate in Health and Skincare.

It has been designed with international standards of the Health and Skincare industry in mind. Building on the Higher Certificate in Health and Skincare - NQF Level 5, the Advanced Certificate adds to the knowledge of the Junior Therapist and aims to equip learners with the necessary skills to manage his/her own business. Learners will also be able to apply for positions at a higher level within the Health and Skincare industry.

There has been a massive shift in the popularity of Holistic Health.

Which has sparked interest in the body, mind and spirit aspect. Health and Skincare therapy features high on the list of recommended activities. With the extended knowledge and skills offered in the Advanced Certificate in Health and Skincare, learners who achieve this qualification will be well equipped to take his/her place in the alternative health practices industry. Completing the Dermatech Advanced Certificate in Health and Skincare will enable the learner to enter for the international membership examinations offered by ITEC, CIDESCO and SAAHSP. Learners wishing to have that ‘extra edge’ when entering the working world will benefit from our Advanced Short Learning Programmes. These include Nail Technology, Threading, Lash Extensions and more.