Provisionally registered  and accredited with the Department of Higher Education and Training  as a private higher  education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997,  Registration certificate No.2014/HE07/008. We pride ourselves in  the  excellence  of our quality assurance systems.

Envision a future with career opportunities, which enable you to take any direction that you wish.

The Health, Hair  and Skincare industry offer career paths so different and versatile in nature, that it suites any personality, any lifestyle, any dream, any ambition.

At DERMATECH we equip you with national and international qualifications that provide access to career paths within South Africa as well as abroad.

The following are amongst some of them:

Recruitment/administrative/Management/entrepreneurship position within Health, Hair  and Skincare training institutions

How do we help with job placement?

During the course of their studies, we introduce our students to various job placement agencies within the industry, who assist the students in finding employment.

Recruitment agencies for job placement on the international cruise liners also visit the institute during the second year of studies.


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