Type of Programme
• Full time
• National qualification
Admission Requirements
NQF 2: The minimum admission requirements to this qualification are: • Grade 10 It is assumed that the learner attempting this qualification is competent in: • Communication at NQF Level 1. • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1.
The programme duration is 18 months full time with 18 months in-service training. Tuition is face to face and programmes are offered during the week on a full-time basis.
Textbooks and Study Guides
All textbooks, kits and uniforms are not included in the tuition fees.
Enquire at your nearest Dermatech campus for a current programme pricelist.
Additional costs
Kit including towels


Dermatech Manuals

Uniform Items

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National Certificate in Hair

At Dermatech we focus on giving you all the theoretical knowledge you need, combined with adequate practical time in a well-equipped training salon. You’ll enjoy salon days where you practice what you’ve learned. First, you’ll work with model heads (dolls) and later with real clients. You’ll cut, style, colour, relax, perm… all under the guidance of experienced facilitators and industry experts. Click on the links provided to find out more.

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Why choose this field

This qualification enables learners to develop towards becoming professional hairdressers.
The Level 2 qualification is the first of three qualifications which culminate in a professional hairdressing qualification and is designed to serve as an introduction to the hairdressing industry and provide the learner with the basics of hairdressing. The Level 3 qualification follows on from the Level 2 qualification in enabling learners to develop towards becoming professional hairdressers and focuses on core hairdressing activities of cutting, relaxing, styling and colouring. The Level 4 qualification follows on from the NQF Level 3 qualification in enabling learners to qualify as professional hairdressers and focuses on advanced hairdressing techniques such as perming, advanced colouring and braiding and dreadlocks as well as on a series of management functions designed to assist qualified hairdressers to set up and manage their own businesses. Completing 6 months per NQF level on campus enables learners to progressively obtain the National Certificate in Hairdressing once the required practical work component of 18 months is completed.

Claw your way to the top with Dermatech

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